Your Dedicated GPT Specialized in Numbers for your Own Business.

Say goodbye to sifting through charts and waiting for reports to dig into your data. Meet PerformIT, the virtual data guru powered by InfotoIntell, ready to assist you with data insights instantly. PerformIT empowers everyone to create, consume, and operationalize data-driven insights. Our consumer-grade search and AI technology delivers true self-service analytics that anyone can use, while our user-friendly platform ,PerformIT Everywhere makes it easy to build interactive data apps that integrate with your existing ecosystem.

Uncover hidden insights without delay

How does PerformIT eliminate the need to wait for answers?

How Business teams can leverage PerformIT

 Gain meaningful insights seamlessly by having Humen – Like - conversations no need to use complex data terminology.


 Optimize your operations by giving you real-time visibility into your data and alerting you to any changes that could impact your bottom line.


 Generate rapid and precise predictions using PerformIT's advanced forecasting feature.

What are the potential actions that technical teams can take using PerformIT?

 Manage who can access projects and set permissions to protect data.


 Connect data from different sources without coding.


 Build insights that matter to your business and train PerformIT to understand them.

Bridge the gap between business and data teams with PerformIT.

 Make business and data teamwork seamlessly with PerformIT. Forget about moving data around – PerformIT lets you stream it in real-time. You're in control of who sees what, and integrating data sources is a breeze.


 No need for constant training or AI experts – PerformIT's smart AI adapts to your needs. It's like having an AI partner that grows with your business and keeps you informed.


 Talking to data becomes easy with PerformIT. Just use normal language, and it gives you useful insights. No tech skills needed – you can explore data anytime, anywhere.


If You want to Cope & Succeed  Just PerformIT.

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