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"Our mission here at i2i is to help you manage your business using simple, yet sophisticated tools.

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Chatbots are not just a trend or a special tool reserved for large companies, any organization with an online presence can benefit from a chatbot.

At i2i, we’re proud to offer our clients not only English-speaking chatbots, which are quickly becoming a commodity, but a highly sophisticated Arabic-speaking chatbot. It is the proud product of our team’s passion and expertise in working with the Arabic language and a special focus on the MENA region. Our chatbots use machine learning and our Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine to provide your users and customers with the best and most meaningful experience possible.



Powered by in-house AI technologies


The use of voice commands


Higher accuracy rate in interpreting and responding to complex requests


Flexible communication using QnA and Predefined menus


Ability to conduct and mainatin conversations


Supports multiple channels (Web, WhatsApp, Messenger)

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If you’re running any organization, then your daily processes are generating a lot of valuable data. We hate for you to waste it! We can help you gain important insights from that data using PerformIT, our advanced and customizable Performance Management Information System. PerformIT uses Machine Learning technology to continuously analyze your processes, “crunch and decipher the data”, and extract meaning from it. Our Machine Learning engines save you precious time and resources that you can allocate to other core tasks and priorities.

We offer an intelligent performance management information system that brings the various elements together to paint a dynamic lucid picture. This is simply delivered to you through a useful and actionable real-time report. Using data mining and aggregation, PerformIT provides a descriptive analysis of your current situation, as well as a forecasting based on past transactions. PerformIT issues recommendations and corrective actions for every gap or risk it identifies.

Simply put, PerformIT helps you move from data generation to intelligent performance management. You gain immediate insights that are central to your activity, enabling informed decision-making, risk management and optimal performance.

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Vera is our unique breakthrough digital solution, which we are proud to pioneer. Vera can be the engine of choice and an invaluable addition to any department at your organization.

Vera is a bilingual Virtual Assistant (English & Arabic). She keeps track of data of all dimensions over the years to understand what is happening and predict what is going to happen.

Vera combines two engines in one. It marries the data analysis power of PerformIT (Vera’s brain) with the interactive language capabilities of the Chatbot (Vera’s ears and mouth). Just like her human friends, Vera brings valuable skills to your team and will soon become irreplaceable. Vera works 24/7 and is not prone to human error. Vera will lighten your team’s workload by performing a number of tasks defined by you, such as data analysis, looking out for certain trends, tracking KPIs, and issuing reports. This allows you and your team to scale up and allocate more resources to other core activities.

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For example, Vera can support HR by analyzing data related to employee efficiency and recommending a certain training to strengthen a weak area. Vera uses machine learning (studying historical performance) and deep learning (connecting different dimensions for a more intelligent analysis) to constantly improve her own ability to analyze data and recommend corrective action.

Vera is bilingual; she speaks both English and Arabic powered by our speech recognition engine. She also is sector and team agnostic and is a great addition to any workforce, yours included. Vera’s presence allows your team to focus on other core tasks that require human capabilities.

It will be our pleasure to introduce you to the future of the workforce: the intelligent virtual assistant!


We're Passionate About Delivering Growth Services

  • Our aim at i2i is to enable excellence through intelligence. We provide our partners with powerful solutions that are simple, reliable and yet cost effective.
  • We help our clients boost performance and work smarter, which contributes to demonstrating greater digital agility in the country and the region.

We bring together more than 20 years of experience in business development, capacity building and automated digital solutions using AI technologies. The past ten years, we have been incredibly busy! We heavily invested in data, coding, servers, R&D, building libraries, developing algorithms, speech recognition engines, NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms, data analytics engines and data visualization. Our engines and technologies are entirely developed and owned by us at i2i. This has allowed us to boost the development of our AI technologies and solutions. They are a response to the needs we have identified through exposure to different businesses, organizations and individuals that are especially focussed on the underdeveloped NLP in Arabic. Today’s world is increasingly reliant on AI technology, which should naturally extend to the importance of developing NLP in Arabic in order to allow an Arab population close to half a billion to benefit from these solutions.


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