We Turn Data Into Business Intelligence

Knowing what is happening in your business and being on top of things is a challenging task in this competitive market.


Our mission here at i2i is to help you manage your business using simple, yet sophisticated tools.

We bring together more than 20 years of experience in business development, capacity building and automated digital solutions using AI technologies.

The past ten years, we have been incredibly busy! We heavily invested in data, coding, servers, R&D, building libraries, developing algorithms, speech recognition engines, NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms, data analytics engines and data visualization

Our Engines & Technologies

are entirely developed and owned by us at i2i. This has allowed us to boost the development of our AI technologies and solutions. They are a response to the needs we have identified through exposure to different businesses, organizations and individuals that are especially focussed on the underdeveloped NLP in Arabic. Today’s world is increasingly reliant on AI technology, which should naturally extend to the importance of developing NLP in Arabic in order to allow an Arab population close to half a billion to benefit from these solutions.