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If you’re running any organization, then your daily processes are generating a lot of valuable data. We hate for you to waste it! We can help you gain important insights from that data using PerformIT, our advanced and customizable Performance Management Information System. PerformIT uses Machine Learning technology to continuously analyze your processes, “crunch and

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Chatbots are not just a trend or a special tool reserved for large companies, any organization with an online presence can benefit from a chatbot.







At i2i we’re proud to offer our clients not only English-speaking chatbots, which are quickly becoming a commodity, but a highly sophisticated Arabic-speaking chatbot. It is the proud product of our team’s passion and expertise in working with the Arabic language and a special focus on the MENA region.

We're Passionate About Delivering Growth Services

We're Passionate About Delivering Growth Services

More Than 20 Years Of Experience In Business Development

We Bring Together More Than 20 Years Of Experience In Business Development, Capacity Building And Automated Digital Solutions Using AI Technologies. The Past Ten Years, We Have Been Incredibly Busy! We Heavily Invested In Data, Coding, Servers, R&D, Building Libraries, Developing Algorithms, Speech Recognition Engines,

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