Your new virtual employee!

Vera is our breakthrough digital solution, and we are proud to pioneer this unique and powerful solution that is sure to become an invaluable addition to any department at your organization.

Vera is a bilingual Virtual Assistant (English & Arabic). She keeps track of data of all dimensions over the years to understand what’s happening and predict what’s going to happen.

Vera combines the data analysis power of PerformIT (Vera’s brain) with the interactive language capabilities of Chatbot (Vera’s ears and mouth). This virtual assistant keeps track of data over all dimensions and over time to understand what’s happening and predict what’s going to happen. Just like a human employee, Vera brings valuable skills to your team and will soon become irreplaceable. Unlike a human employee, Vera works 24/7 and is not prone to human error. Vera will help lighten your team’s workload by performing a number of tasks which you define, such as data analysis, looking out for certain trends, tracking KPIs, and issuing reports.

For example, Vera can support HR by analyzing data related to employee efficiency and recommending a certain training to strengthen a weak area. Vera uses machine learning (studying historical performance) and deep learning (connecting different dimensions for a more intelligent analysis) to constantly improve her own ability to analyze data and recommend corrective action.

Vera is bilingual; she speaks both English and Arabic through our speech recognition engine. She can be assigned to any department, sector or field, and is a great addition to your workforce, allowing your team to focus on more important tasks that require human capabilities.

We can’t wait to introduce you to the future of the workforce, the intelligent virtual assistant!