If you’re running a company or organization, then your daily processes are generating a lot of valuable data. We can help you gain important insights from that data using PerformIT, our advanced and customizable Performance Management Information System. PerformIT continuously analyzes your processes, “crunches the data”, and extracts meaning from it using machine learning technology, saving you precious time and resources for other tasks and priorities.

What we offer is an intelligent performance management information system, bringing all the elements together to paint the big picture, giving you a useful and actionable real-time report. Using data mining and data aggregation, PerformIT provides a descriptive analysis of your current situation, as well as forecasting and prediction based on past transactions. If it identifies a gap or risk, PerformIT issues recommendations and corrective action.

Simply put, PerformIT helps you move from data generation to intelligent performance management. You gain immediate insight you need into your activity, enabling better decision-making, gap repair and optimal performance.