Chatbots are not just a trend or a special tool reserved for large companies, any organization with an online presence can benefit from a chatbot.
At I2I, we’re proud to offer our clients not only English chatbots, which are common currency nowadays, but a highly sophisticated Arabic chatbot that is the product of our developers’ passion and expertise in working with the Arabic language in particular, with a special focus on doing business in the MENA region. Our chatbots use machine learning and our Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine to provide your users and customers with the best experience possible.

Our chatbots have the following features:
- Offer customer service 24/7
- Quicker response time to queries than human employees
- Initiate conversations with customers
- Monitor customer data

Benefits a chatbot can bring to your organization:
- Improved customer trust
- Better brand perception
- Increased customer or user engagement
- Cost savings
- Time savings
- Ease of installation and use.

Get in touch to learn more about how our English and Arabic chatbots can improve your user experience across communication channels.